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Goodness, it's been a week. It's funny how some weeks seem longer than others; I have no idea why that is. I am however, pleased that it's Friday. Today would have been the birthday of somebody who was very dear to me, which is always a weird kind of a feeling. I shan't dwell though, because I always try not to; I shall instead head home from work, and get myself ready for wine and food and the best of company. A little bit of MotherDaughterQT with my Mum and my best friend (and, obviously, her Mum) sounds perfect to me.

Last night I hung out a while with my niece and nephew. Daisy is three now and an absolute joy and delight. The way she wraps her arms around my neck and hugs me with all she has is my absolute favourite thing.
Last night we were stood in the kitchen and she said with an exceptional air of sadness, and from nowhere: 'I want another pet.'
'Another?' her Mum asked with a smile, as Daisy's eyes literally filled with tears, 'we have…