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in which it's a blustery day

I say blustery. I’m aware it’s considerably less blustery here than it is further south, and as such I am sending hugs and cookies to all the people that are not having a very happy Windsday.
I’m writing this from the point of almost-asleep actually, mainly because I had to get up at numbers starting with a 5 (a 5!!!) today to drop my boyfriend off at the airport. He’s gone to stop with some friends in Arizona for a week and you may colour me green. 
Can you believe the temperatures are in the high 80’s over there and I’m here wearing fleece lined leggings to the office because *brrrr* - not that I mind, really. I mean, I mind being cold and I am absolutely not a fan of the whole getting up in the dark and leaving work in the dark which is very nearly upon me, but I do love autumn. I love the colours and the smells; I love that I can dig out woolly jumpers and fingerless gloves (and fleece lined leggings); I love that somehow autumn just feels like fruit crumble and custard and reading …