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in which Rochester is super hot and a scratched DVD is 'a bad thing'...

On Wednesday this week Helen and I decided to have a DVD night. We had a catch up and ate fish pie and then curled up in her lounge under blankets for a couple of hours of movie-watching bliss.  This made me happy - Helen is one of my favourite people to watch a film with: she laughs at the things I laugh at, gets angry at the things I get angry at - although granted, usually on a lesser scale - and is always ready to IMDB those faces I can't quite place. It had been a toss up all week between Magic Mike [naked Matthew Mcwotshisface] and Jane Eyre. A back and forth that I feared would never reach a conclusion.

Helen: What shall we watch? You choose.
Me: Oh. I dunno.
Helen: Have you still got the list [yes, we do have a list of films we want to watch. We like to call it organisation.]
Helen: What about Magic Mike? Matthew Mcwotshisface.
Me: Yes.
Helen: Or Jane Eyre?
Me: Yes
Helen: Which?
Me: Yes.

You can see how we might have had a problem. Anyway. We're litera…