In which Jen is a little bit more awesome...

Today I am flitting between putting flyers together for National Allotment Week [which is next week if you're the green-fingered type] and day-dreaming about holidays. I blame Helen for the latter; she is nothing if not a distraction. Not that I mind being distracted - there is such a thing as the National Vegeatable Society, did you know that? That is the kind of information that I need distracting from, and what better way than to think about holidays.

If you're reading this post as your own kind of distraction, then I high five you; us procrastinators should stick together. I offer you the highest of fives, and suggest you head away from my blog and over here: where the lovely and supremely talented Jen is giving a way a copy of her poetry collection 'The Hungry Ghost Festival.'

I have a copy of this [naturally] and can safely say that you will love it. It's very lovable. You may remember my post earlier in the year about poetry, namely Siken's 'Crush' where I mentioned how often I thought poetry was pretty. Jen's collection is a fine example of that. It's a very pretty, very thought provoking and at times very moving collection of work and I am so so proud to be able to call this talented girl my friend. I urge you all to go get to know her now if for no other reason than when she is super duper famous, you'll be able to say you were reading her way back then. Go, enter her giveaway and if you don't win then buy a copy - there is a PayPal link on her page - I promise you, you won't regret it.

That is all, short but sweet, but hey, allotment week waits for no bookworm, not even this one.