Today I am grumpy. My head hurts and I have been a very busy bee at work and it's one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong. I am so glad it's the weekend.

It's Kraft Klub tonight, which is absolutely a very serious and real club for crafting and not at all an excuse to get together and drink lots of alcohol and be merry. Not at all. My house is the venue this evening so it's home to prepare nibbles and make sure we have enough stuff to [not] drink and that my craft supplies are in order before everybody arrives at 19h30.

Then, tomorrow Ian goes skiing for a week. I know, how lucky is he? I am so so jealous. So very jealous.  I shan't focus on that though, I shall instead focus on my tomorrow evening plans on my own alone which are to do the following:  put on my PJ's, heat up some milk, snuggle up under a patchwork quilt with my cat and drool over Matthew Rhys in 'The Edge of Love.'

I have such a crush on Matthew Rhys. Like a proper fangirl crush. I bought a film called 'Fakers' years ago when I went through my Art Malik phase [aaah, Zubin!] and he was in that, my crush grew from there pretty much because well, yum. Fakers is actually a pretty good film for a low budget UK film, watch it if you ever come across it; it's lots of fun. Art Malik is v.v.good.
Anyway, I digress, Matthew is probably most famous for playing the adorable (American) Kevin Walker in Brothers and Sisters which I blog about sporadically, but he is equally gorgeous being his Welsh self as Dylan Thomas in The Edge of Love, which, set in London in the 1940's and telling the story of Dylan Thomas, his wife (Sienna Miller) and his first love (Keira Knightley) is just a really lovely film in it's own right (particularly if  you love Dylan Thomas, which I do. Hello, Under Milk Wood. I adore you.)
So yes, that will cheer me up tomorrow night I think.

Sunday I am going with Helen and her Mum to see Lee Mead at the Bridgewater Hall. I shall be making the most of Helen beforehand as I'm not actually sure she'll survive the concert; she forgot to breathe when we saw Lee in Joseph a couple of years ago and we'll be much closer on Sunday [yes, that's right, we do have row B tickets] I may be back on Monday posting a eulogy to my best friend. It will mostly go like this:
'Aaaah Helen, how she loved Lee Mead. She may be gone but she will always be my stupid person.' Or something.

It's going to be a lovely weekend. Happy Friday xxx