It's the most wonderful time of the year.

It really is though, isn't it? I lovelovelove Christmas. I love the festivities, I love the carols, I love the smell of the Christmas Tree, I love the presents - the giving, not the receiving, obviously ;) - I love it. I also love that it means just over a week of no work. Hurrah.

Ian and I are off to his Mum's shortly for a mahoosive Christmas dinner and lots of Daisy snuggles before heading over to my Mum's for salmon and games and Christmas banter. My Grandparents will be there too, which will be wonderful. I am feeling very festive.
I plan to spend this holiday season drinking mulled wine [and sherry because apparantly that's what I do now. I am officially old] and eating mince pies and singing along to Christmas songs at every available opportunity and reading and watching Harry Potter and going for long walks in the snow and spending lots of time with my family and my friends. It will be lovely, and I hope yours is too. I hope wherever you are and whatever you do you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Hurrah for Christmas, hurrah hurrah hurrah.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

& it will look more like Christmas when I finish work and Ian and I go and purchase a tree!! That's the plan for this afternoon/evening: buy a tree, keep all fingers and toes crossed that the electrician doesn't needto demolish the kitchen, trim the tree, decorate the house, wrap lots of presents and drink Baileys (Ian) and Lemsip (me) whilst listening to Michael Buble.


I am feeling very fesitve today actually, despite my germs. It's a combination of knowing we're getting the tree today, the fact it's all pretty and snowy outdoors, The Yule Ball in GoF which I am reading about at the moment and the fabulous Glee Christmas Special last night. I want to talk about that so much and bombard you all with photos of Kurt and Blaine and RoryLeprechaun and Mercedes but some people *cough* Helen *cough* haven't seen it yet and I am trying to be spoiler free so I won't. I'll just say it was all kinds of fabulous, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer deserve to win all the awards ever in life because they were absolutely spot on and made me laugh my socks off and yes, Merry Christmas.

Have a Friday photo because these are wise words:

All My Friends Are Superheroes.

"What kind of love are we interested in today?" he asked.
"What kind do you have?"
"Well," he said. He stood up. "I've got the love you want, the love you think you want, the love you think you want but don't when you finally get it…"
"That must be very popular."
"It is."

You know where I want to live? I want to live here, in this world. I want to live in Toronto with 249 superheroes and no spandex.
This book is adorable. It’s a proper little gem of a story that I read in an hour last Wednesday and that just left me feeling happy.
The premise is fabulously quirky: Tom is the only non-superhero of his friends, but the superpowers they possess aren’t the ability to fly or inhuman strength or X-Ray vision; they’re more just exaggerations of their quirkier personality traits. I love that, I think it’s genius.
There's The FrogKisser for example who is blessed with the ability to transform geeks into winners, yet cursed with the reality that once she enables this transformation, the origin of her initial attraction is gone. Amazing. Or, or or or “MR OPPORTUNITY: He knocks on doors and stands there. You'd be surprised how few doors get answered.” Or even Mistress Cleanasyougo – “…the most powerful superhero of all, the one everyone wishes they were... at the end of the day, she folds her clothes. She never leaves scissors on the table, pens with no ink are thrown in the trash, wet towels are always hung up, dishes are washed directly after dinner and nothing is left unsaid…” Tell me any of that’s not GENIUS.
Tom is married to a superhero, ‘The Perfectionist,’ but he has a problem: he has been invisible but only to her since their wedding night and he only has the duration of the flight she is making to start her life over, without him, to make her see him.
This is a book about the human condition. It’s about unrequited love, and about confidence, about feeling invisible and that the people around you are somehow more than you are, that you are just you and everybody around you is somehow ‘a superhero,’ it’s about the good and the bad and the ugly that's inside everybody. This story, to me, is like a metaphor for life and it’s a wonderful study on human relationships and their complexities.
Above all though, It’s a clever, witty, poignant tribute to True Love and the bonus? It’s never saccharine.
I wish I’d read it sooner. I really wish I’d not done all my Christmas shopping because I want to gift this book TO THE WORLD. It’s precious.

Hello December

Hello people!!

Hello and happy happy December! I am feeling rather festive at the moment, probably because I have just counted up and have only 8 working days left before Christmas.
Hurray and also hurrah.
Christmas is my favourite.

Tomorrow I am taking a Jo day. This means I will stay in bed til much later than 6.45am. I will wrap all (or most of) my Christmas presents, I will take my book and have lunch at Starbucks, I will dance around my house to Christmas tunes, I will go to Ikea and then I will call in on my friends T&S for sherry and mince pies. Hurrah for Jo days.

I have quite a bit of book news to share with you, but not today. I'll come back in a day or so and tell you about 'All My Friends Are Superheroes' which is adorable and about 'Girl In Translation' which I am reading right now. I'll also do some kind of 'hurrah for the amazeballs books of 2011' post too. That'll be nice won't it ;)
Seriously though, if you haven't already then you really should read 'All My Friends Are Superheroes.' I heart it.

Now that December is here I can re-read all my winter favourites: Harry Potter and Northern Lights and Alice and Little Women. This makes me happy. There's just something about Christmas that goes hand in hand with revisiting books you love. It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't read Little Women.

I leave you with an early Friday photo (due to the aforementioned Jo day tomorrow) - reasons to love Maggie Smith: she gets the star of the entire Harry Potter franchise to hold her umbrella!