Today is technically Thursday, but it's actually my Friday as I'm away for the weekend. Hurrah! Ian and I are off in our Camper to Stratford to watch some drag racing. Usually Ian would be racing himself at this event, but since his race car is currently being fitted with some kind of go-faster business and is in many pieces in the garage, this year we will just be spectating. I don't know much about cars I must admit, all I can tell you about Ian's is that it's a Beetle and it's blue and it costs a lot of money. It makes him happy though so *shrug*
Anyway, we're off down to Stratford with these lovely people: (I wish my eyes were open on this photo. Curses.)

And I have to confess to being quite excited. I like going away and I like my Camper and I like spending time with Ian, and Mark and Emma and I like catching up with all the racing people who are a lovely if slightly bonkers bunch and I very much like the BBQ's and the cider. Especially the cider. I expect a couple of the girls will sneak into Stratford for a proper coffee and a wander on Sunday which will be lovely, although my friend Sarah is threatening me with a rowing boat. Clearly she is not familair with my Dordogne experience. (I had to tie my canoe to my Uncle's and ride 10k down the river perched precariously on the back of somebody elses. Ha.) Still, the whole weekend will generally be quite a nice time.

I'm reading 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' at the moment. So far so good, although I'm only 6% in. It's fairly easy to read and whilst I admit the fact that I have Gary Oldman wandering around my imagination as I read might mean I like it that little bit more, I think I'm going to really enjoy it. I plan to see the film once I've read the book so I might well report back.

In the spirit of the weekend I am also going to grab this opportunity to put some Hugh Laurie on my blog. Hands up if you love Hugh.

Ha. He does make me smile. Have a lovely weekend peeps.