Heatwave blues

Man alive, what is with this weather?

Seriously? It's this hot in nearly October? Seriously? (the second 'seriously' would be in italics except I'm updating on my phone and don't know how to do italics. It's meant in italics though because that is how hot I actually am.)

It's a bit rubbish, actually because I love autumn. I like the colours and the long walks and the wellies and the woolies and the apple crumbles and the cosyness and none of that is happening because instead I feel like I am melting. There is a distinct shortage of air in my office this afternoon and consequently a distinct shortage of both motivation and will to live.
Oh heck. I seem to be grumpy about the weather; somebody ought to remind me of this in 2 months when I am raving about the snow!!

I just want an ice cream and a cold shower.

Tonight my plans involve dinner with the in-laws, the aforementioned shower and 'black books.' I sincerely hope one of those things cheers me up because I am annoying myself with my grumbling!

In other news I saw Jenna and Emily today. Jenna was all 'byeeeeee Jo' with a massive grin and it was cute (again, italics.)


  1. Black Books should have deffinately cheered you up :-)
    I am glad the rain is back though! I was all excited to get my big wooly coat out and my boots then BOOM the sun appeared.... But back to normal now :-) xx


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