Day 10 – Favorite classic book

I think it’s pretty safe to say that this has to be Pride and Prejudice. Aaaah, Pride and Prejudice. I can’t read the first line of that novel without wanting to sit down and devour the rest of it in one sitting. I love it, so so much; it’s one of those books that I never get tired of reading. I think Mr. Darcy was my first literary crush, before even the days of Colin Firth (although I admit Colin made me love him more!) and as much as I love the adaptations, the BBC one especially they don’t even begin to do justice to the book; Austen’s use of language is just lovely, and whilst it might seem overly wordy to people used to more modern literature I love the characterisation, the description, the way the story slowly unravels, the exchanges between Lizzie and Darcy that make me laugh out loud and above all, the romance – show me a girl that’s read Pride and Prejudice and doesn’t wish for her own Mr Darcy! Fabulous.