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in which i vote Labour

Well, the General Election is upon us. I have my polling card at the ready and when I get home from the office tonight I shall be making my way down to the polling station, and I shall be voting Labour.


Because the Lib Dems, despite Nick Clegg's pretty face and his talent for public speaking, concern me. Their policies are wishy washy to say the least (and yes, that is a technical term) and so far I have seen nothing that convinces me that should they come to power, they will be what this country so desperately needs. We don't need a poster boy, we need a PM that can lead this country out of the recession, that can secure the continued recovery of the economy, and Nick Clegg has done nothing to make me think he could be that person.

Because the thought of a Conservative government frightens me (and I'd like to slap David Cameron as soon as look at him.) I could go on a Tory-type rant here, but I shall refrain. It amuses me, though, that they they seem to be putting a lo…

in which i remember i have a blog

Oh dear. I have really very much failed at updating this thing. I am a very bad blogger. I must to better.

So, a potted catch up:

Did ok on the OU poetry TMA. Ok, so it was my worst mark of the course so far, but I am rationalising it by telling myself that as I'd never really written poetry before I did ok. And I've been scribblinbg bits of things since. I shall some out and post it in the next few days.

Also had the life-writing TMA. I wrote about my friend Kez, and her little girl Jenna who has Apert's Syndrome. Results came back for that over the weekend. Again, I did ok. I still haven't bettered the mark I got for that first assignment, but this was the first mark since. I am frustrated though, as I wonder a little whether I am missing the point, or whether maybe my tutor just doesn't get me. Don't get me wrong, she gives me some great (and extremely useful) feedback, and it's not that I can't handle critcism; I value the negative feedback more than…