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in which i am a busy bee

Grrr. I really really really want to retire!
Work is actually better at the moment. I mean I am busier than I've been in a long time but it's not hell, it's not screaming and shouting and horribleness, it's just meeting myself coming backwards and I can handle that. Almost. I don't mind being busy: I like working hard, weird as that might sound. I mean I'd rather be bust than twiddling my thumbs but this week sucks so far. Yesterday was bad. Everyone has some horrible tummy bug at the moment: they're dropping like flies and I am tempted to invest in some kind of surgical mask as a few days off work throwing up is just what I don't need. So, I'm short-staffed, I have a million reports to complile, all of which are wanted NOW, I need to chase up containers in China and I have orders sitting on my desk laughing in my face. I need another pair of hands!

Had a lovely weekend though. Hurrah for Valentines. I totally don't buy into the school of though…