in which i am a busy bee

Grrr. I really really really want to retire!
Work is actually better at the moment. I mean I am busier than I've been in a long time but it's not hell, it's not screaming and shouting and horribleness, it's just meeting myself coming backwards and I can handle that. Almost. I don't mind being busy: I like working hard, weird as that might sound. I mean I'd rather be bust than twiddling my thumbs but this week sucks so far. Yesterday was bad. Everyone has some horrible tummy bug at the moment: they're dropping like flies and I am tempted to invest in some kind of surgical mask as a few days off work throwing up is just what I don't need. So, I'm short-staffed, I have a million reports to complile, all of which are wanted NOW, I need to chase up containers in China and I have orders sitting on my desk laughing in my face. I need another pair of hands!

Had a lovely weekend though. Hurrah for Valentines. I totally don't buy into the school of thought that professes not to believe in Valentines Day, the 'love me every day' attitude. I love my boyfriend every day, and I know that he loves me, and we make sure to show each other. Little gifts every now and then, walks on the beach, delicious meals - at home and out- lazy Sunday mornings and sofa cuddles but you can't deny that sometimes real life can get in the way. We're up at numbers starting with a 6, by the time we've had dinner and done the dishes it's often gone 9pm, and it's easy to appreciate each other less than you should. Tell me what's wrong with one day of the year that is totally 100% set aside to show that person that they mean the world to you. It's only as commercialised as you let it be: Ian and I set a ten pound limit on Sunday, and the presents we got each other were awesome. We spent the afternoon at the Lowry - free, and the best Sunday afternoon we've had in a long time and we had dinner out, a meal where we didn't stop laughing. Doesn't mean I don't show him I love him the other 364 days of the year does it?
The Lowry was awesome. I've not been for so long, and the LS Lowry exhibition has changed somewhat. It was fabulous. I heart LS Lowry x a LOT! If you live up Manchester way and you like pretty pictures then get yourself over. Yes. Pretty postcards a plenty. I wanted to buy a framed print fot the house but Ian was having none of it. I don't think Lowry's grotesque self-portrait is quite his style......