in which i jump on the blog wagon

At 26 I have decided it’s time to stop sitting around regretting and to start seeing if I can atone for the sins of my past. Don’t I sound dramatic? Worry not though dear reader as mass murderer I am not. What I am is a young woman regretting the mistakes she made when she was a silly little girl that resulted in her dropping out of college and not getting any formal qualifications other than her GCSE’s. Yup, I really was that stupid. So, in an effort to do something about that, and, in an effort to stop my brain stagnating which it really feels like it might be doing, I have signed up with the OU. My short-term goal is to achieve a diploma in Creative Writing and Literature. My long term goal? Well, a BA in English Lang/Lit would be nice but we’ll see.

The first course starts in October – a 30point creative writing course, and so here I am setting up a blog to chart my progress, waffle about books I like and books I don’t like and probably moan quite a bit about my job. I manage a small company, for my sins. Not bad for a college drop-out huh ;) and whilst I do, for the most part love it – I enjoy the challenge, and managing my little team, seeing us grow and develop gives a certain feeling of satisfaction – I would much rather be curled up somewhere with a good book or a note pad and paper. & if I have to work at all; I appreciate not many people can make a career out of reading books, mores the pity, then I would like to do what the marvellous Vanessa did here: Fidra blog. I think she might be my hero, actually. Opening my own book shop. That’s my dream……


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